PitchPower - How it works

From setting up your account through to submitting and receiving your assessment report, this page will guide you through the PitchPower process.

PitchPower works best on mobile. If you need to do it on your desktop, please make sure you use a compatible web browser such as Google Chrome, and not Internet Explorer.

To get ahead, have the following to hand:

  • Details of the maintenance equipment you currently use
  • Your annual budget for maintenance/renovation
  • List of standard maintenance activities you carry out
  • Info on training courses you've completed 
  • Pitch cancellations/usage info

Once you've signed up, you can add the shortcut to your mobile phone home screen from the 'settings' section. This will give you access to your PitchPower account at the touch of a button.

Top Tip - We recommend you complete all of Step 1 and read our FAQs before going out onto the pitch.

TOP TIP - More than one of you can complete pitch inspections at the same ground. To do this, just get them to create their own PitchPower account and make sure they choose the same Organisation as you. 

Three submission windows as follows: September - October, November - March, April - June. 
Your inspection needs to be submitted before the window closes, so aim to do it as early as you can. The first submission deadline is Saturday 31 October. 
There must be four weeks between submissions.

Get started

You're just a few steps away from the start of your journey to better quality grass pitches. Let's get the ball rolling!

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Low signal or prefer to use pen and paper? You can find print-friendly versions of our FAQs and the data you'll need to enter into PitchPower below.


Please note: You will still need to input the data into PitchPower after completing the data entry sheets.