Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund

A fund providing six-year tapered grants to help clubs enhance or sustain the quality of their grass pitches

Are we eligible?


Who is eligible?

All applicants must have the required security of tenure and have received a PitchPower Pitch Assessment Report:

  • Grassroots clubs
  • Leagues
  • Charities
  • National League System Clubs Step 1-6 (only for pitches at the site that are used for community football)*
  • Regional Feeder Leagues

*See FAQs for more details 

Who is not eligible?

  • Clubs, leagues or organisations without suitable security of tenure (details below)
  • Clubs, leagues or organisations without a PitchPower Pitch Assessment Report
  • Local Authorities
  • An individual or sole trader
  • A commercial/for-profit entity

What security of tenure do we need?

To be eligible for this fund, you'll need to either:

  • Own the freehold


  • Have a lease or license which has more than 12 months to run and permission from the Landlord. As proof of this you need to complete a 'Landlord and Tenant' form and upload the completed form to your application.

For more information on security of tenure requirements, please check out our FAQs. 

About the fund


What is the aim of the fund?

The Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund is a fund that provides eligible clubs, leagues and organisations with a tapered six-year grant to help them sustain pitches already at a 'good' level and enhance pitches that are either considered 'poor' or 'basic'.

The fund is a key part of the Football Foundation's Power Up Your Grass Pitch campaign - an ambition to deliver 20,000 quality grass pitches by 2030. Access the support and resources we have available to improve the quality of your grass pitches by clicking the button below.


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How much can we apply for?

Funding falls into two categories - enhance or sustain. Your PitchPower pitch inspection (a requirement of the grant) will provide you with a Performace Quality Standard (PQS) per pitch - which will help us decide how much funding you'll be eligible for - and a list of maintenance recommendations which you'll need to carry out as part of your grant award. Grants are paid annually for six years but tapered down during that time. The amounts below show the grant values for the first year at 100% funding. 


For pitches with a Performance Quality Standard (PQS) of 'basic' or below 


Pitch size Grant value (per pitch)
11 v 11 £2,500 per pitch
9 v 9 £2,000 per pitch
Mini soccer £1,500 per pitch




For pitches with a PQS of 'good' or higher


Pitch size Grant value (per pitch)
11 v 11 £750
9 v 9 £500
Mini soccer £300

What can the grant be spent on?

The funding provided must be used to carry out the recommendations from your PitchPower Assessment Report. These can include: 

  • Contractor works e.g. slitting, scarification or decompaction
  • Purchasing materials e.g. seed or fertiliser
  • Purchasing equipment e.g. Soil Sampler

Routine maintenance work such as grass cutting and line marking aren't eligible. 

What do you mean by a 'tapered' grant?

Tapered means that we'll pay a reduced percentage of the initial grant value every two years with the club making up the difference. For example, the grant awarded for an 11v11 pitch that needs enhancing would be £2,500 in year 1 and 2, £1,667 in year 3 and 4 and £833 in year 5 and 6. More details can be found in the FAQs.

How do we apply?




Still have a question? If your question hasn't been covered in our FAQs, don't hesitate to contact us.