What are Local Football Facility Plans?

The Plans are detailed reports that map out the football facilities needed across every local authority area in England. Over the last two years we’ve worked with The FA, local authorities and communities to create 318 of these tailored Plans. But this is only the first step. We’re now working with local authorities and partners to turn these Plans into reality.

Why have they been created?

To unlock the power pitches for every community in England. We know that creating better facilities transforms lives. It means more people can play our national game, improve their physical and mental health, empower young people and strengthen communities. Collectively, Plans set out a national roadmap to achieve this.

Working together

The Football Foundation, Premier League, The FA and Government have all committed funds to deliver these plans but now need to work with local authorities and partners to turn them into reality. Everyone has their part to play. So if you're ready to work with us, start by entering your postcode in the search above and find your Local Plan. 

'A healthier population live longer, are happier, have better mental health and all of that drives from having world-class community facilities like the one here in Sunderland.’ - Cllr Graeme Miller, Leader of Sunderland City Council

Playing your part

Ready to play your part in helping us improve community football facilities? Here's what you can do...

Transforming lives

The benefits of the football facilities we help to build go far beyond the pitch. They transform communities and change lives for the better. Check out how the impact our funding had in two of the country's biggest cities - Liverpool and Sunderland. 

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