Together for Football

The Football Foundation is firmly committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. We're working hard to ensure we are reflective of the communities we serve. Supporting facilities and programmes which feel safe, welcoming and inclusive, promoting a sense of belonging for all.

We’re committed to improving participation and activity levels in under-represented groups. We’re focusing investment into projects that target and support groups and communities who have faced barriers in terms of participation. This includes lower socio-economic groups; culturally and racially diverse communities; people with disabilities; and women and girls.

Our commitments

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of sites providing equal access for women and girls

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of investment into communities with the greatest need (based on deprivation & inactivity)

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of projects engaging with & providing sustained usage and outcomes for under-represented groups

Together for Football strategy 2023- 2025

2023 - 2025 strategy

In 2023, we launched our Strategic Delivery Plan. This introduced a series of themes and actions designed to enable us to work together to drive our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) ambitions, ensuring that it's fully embedded in all that we do.

2024 review

Every year, we'll review our strategy and create an annual report. This will provide an update on our progress and highlights the diversity of the team over time.