Claiming your grant

Check out our helpful tips and step-by-step guide to submitting a grant claim

We've made some improvements to our grant portal so that we can provide you with a simpler and more connected experience. Things may look a little different when you next log in to submit a claim, so here's some guidance to help you through.

Top tips


What do I need to know?

Before you submit a claim for your grant award, read these important top tips to get you started:


  • You’ll need to provide a bank statement in the name of the organisation shown on your Offer Letter. 
  • The project should be managed by the organisation named in your grant Offer Letter. 
  • To submit a claim, you’ll also need an invoice(s) which includes the name of the organisation shown on your grant Offer Letter.
  • The project invoice(s) must show you’ve paid the partnership funding percentage of your grant award. You’ll then be able to claim the remaining value of the invoice against your grant, up to the maximum grant value awarded.
  • Make sure any relevant grant conditions have been met before submitting your claim.
  • You must request the first payment of the grant and start your project within six months of the date of your grant Offer Letter, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Step-by-step guide


Step 1

Log in to your Football Foundation account on our grant portal.

Step 2

Once you're logged in, you'll be able to see every grant application that your organisation has made.

Step 3

Scroll down to the grants grid to find the appropriate grant and click on the pencil icon to open up the claim form.


Step 4

The claim form that appears should show you all the information about your grant including the amount awarded and the total amount left to claim.

claim form
claim form

Step 3 - click on the pencil icon to open up the claim form

Step 5

To create a new claim, scroll down and click on the 'add new claim' button.

Step 6

Once your new screen has opened, select the ‘add invoice’ button where you will be able to add the details for the invoice to the claim as well as the supporting document and VAT information.

claim form image
claim form image

Step 5 - click 'add new claim' button

Step 7

Repeat the process above until you have added all the invoices that form part of the claim.

Step 8

All the information that you have entered into the claim will calculate the total sum of the claim that you're submitting and ask you to name the contact who should co-sign the claim.

claim form
claim form

Step 6 and 7 - Add invoice screen where you can upload your invoice. Repeat process until you've added all the claim invoices.

Step 9

Once co-signed by your named contact, the information is sent straight on to our grant management team for processing.

Step 10

You'll receive an email to your registered email address as a receipt. Then you're done!  We'll process your claim and make payment. 

Claim submitted


What happens next?

Once you've submitted your claim, we'll then email the secondary contact on your grant to co-sign the claim form.

After the secondary contact has signed and submitted the claim form, our team will review this information before processing for payment. Provided everything is in place, we aim to pay your claim within 28 working days. 

Should we need any more information about your grant claim, we'll be in touch.

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