Our trustees



Our Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for the governance and strategic direction of the Football Foundation and for directing how we are managed and run. They play a big part in helping ensure the investment provided by the Foundation’s Funding Partners is spent appropriately in realising the Foundation’s aims and objectives.

The Board

  • Martin Glenn - Chair
  • Jack Pearce - The FA Representative
  • Mark Bullingham - The FA CEO (ex-officio)
  • Bill Bush - Premier League Representative
  • Peter McCormick OBE - FSIF Chair (ex-officio)
  • Elena Narozanski - DCMS Representative
  • Tim Hollingsworth - Sport England CEO (SE representative)
  • Jemima Bird - Senior Independent
  • Karen Taylor - Independent


The Football Foundation in particular is a charity I feel very passionately about and as an ambassador have seen the real difference the work is doing to improve communities across the country.

Ben Shephard

The assessment process

Once your application has been received, we will email you confirmation of receipt and give you an individual reference number.


Step 1

The Grant Manager and Technical Project Manager for your region will complete an initial assessment of the application.


Step 2

If we need any more information we will contact you, but this may mean the decision process takes longer.

Step 3

Step 3

The final decision process is different depending on the size of grant you apply for.

grants panel ff

FF Grants Panel

  • Independent Chair - Tarun Kapur CBE
  • Premier League nominee - Nick Perchard
  • FA nominee - Phil Woodward
  • Sport England nominee - Patrick Brosnan
  • Independent member - Mick Dennis
  • Independent member - Paul Spooner
  • Independent member - Rahul Bissoonauth
  • Independent member - Francesca Brown
  • Independent member - Sue Bowers


FSIF Grants Panel

  • Chair - David Rose
  • Independent member - Bob Knowles
  • Premier League member - Ross Christie
  • FA member - Mark Liddiard
  • FA National League System member - Jack Pearce
  • SGSA member - Geoff Galilee

PL Fans Fund Panel

  • Independent Chair - Tracie Church
  • Premier League member - Kat Allen
  • Premier League member - Tommy Guthrie
  • The FA member - James MacDougall
  • Independent Member - Nabeel Khan