Dealing with your pitch in wet and waterlogged conditions

#Power up your grass pitch

With weather conditions set to worsen over the coming weeks, we’ve teamed up with pitch expert, Julien Morris from the Grounds Management Association (GMA), to bring you some top tips for dealing with your grass pitch in wet and waterlogged conditions.

First and foremost, it’s important to try and consider pitch usage from all perspectives when assessing whether training, or more importantly fixtures, should go ahead in wet weather. For groundskeepers, the focus will be on the short and long-term effects of play - how big a job will it be to repair the pitch after a fixture has taken place? For club officials and coaches, it’s about fixture congestion, team/supporter travel and player availability for rearranged games. As for match officials, it’s about how the pitch in its current state will impact player safety and pitch playability.

Here's five pieces of advice you need when dealing with your grass pitch in wet and waterlogged conditions: