LED Floodlight Fund

A dedicated fund for grassroots clubs to upgrade to LED floodlights, helping to reduce energy consumption and save money

This Fund will support the upgrading of metal halide ('halogen') floodlights on Football Foundation-funded floodlit 3G pitches to LED floodlights. LEDs help to reduce energy consumption, meaning clubs and organisations could save around £8,000 per full-size pitch per year with a typical usage. The upfront costs associated with installing LEDs is a barrier for many organisations but that's where the Floodlight Fund comes in.

About the Fund


Fund Criteria


What kind of lights will we fund?

To help you determine the type of lights you need, we've put together a full specification for the installation of LED Floodlights. Any floodlights that receive grant funding must meet this specification. Click the button below to check out the spec.

Read the specs
floodlights on pitch
floodlights on pitch

Do we have any preferred suppliers?

If you're invited to complete an LED Floodlight Fund grant application, you'll need to obtain two quotes for the works from our preferred suppliers.

You can find links to our preferred suppliers below:

Submitted an EOI and ready to apply? You'll need to have the unique code we've sent you via email at the ready to complete an application form.