Stage 1 - Expression of Interest (EOI)

As a starting point, eligible organisations are invited to express an interest in applying for the Hubs programme. Read on to find out more about this stage of the Hubs programme funding process and how to submit an EOI.

Stage 1

Stage 1

Expression of Interest (EOI) Process


We want to support local authorities that are ready to deliver Hub sites that will have the greatest impact in meeting local shortfalls in 3G provision. We want local stakeholders to come together to identify potential Hub projects that would meet local need, using your Playing Pitch Strategy and Local Football Facility Plan (LFFP) as key evidence tools. 

As a starting point to develop your application, you’ll need to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form providing details of your readiness to deliver and commitment to meeting the key programme principles detailed below.

This form needs to be submitted to us via email, along with a cover letter and any supporting evidence you may want to provide to Your cover letter must be signed by the Council Leader, CEO or appropriate Director.

Organisations considering submitting an EOI should be aware of the minimum eligibility criteria for the fund which can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page.

The deadline for EOI submission is 5pm on Monday 8 August 2022.  


Download an EOI

Key programme principles


For the EOI, applicants are required to demonstrate (and where appropriate evidence) their commitment to the following key programme principles:


1) Evidence of strong relationships with key local football partners and local organisations capable of driving positive change in football participation and achieving wider social outcomes. 


2) Developing a local stakeholder group to oversee community engagement and ensure that the project meets local need, both from an affiliated football perspective and recreational sport and physical activity.


3) Demonstrating high level political support for the project (Council leader/ CEO) and identified resources to support delivery.


4) A delivery model that ring-fences all surplus revenue (net income) for local reinvestment into grassroots football - i.e., improving the quality of grass pitches and helping to reduce reliance on public subsidy.


5) Ability and willingness to vest the completed facility into a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for football to manage and maintain the facilities on a long-term peppercorn lease.


6) Commitment to raise 40% partnership funding of capital costs (NB. The cost of any prudential borrowing cannot be recovered through the operations).


7) Willingness to using consultancy procured by the Foundation to achieve value, speed of delivery and consistency of design across the country

Choosing the right place


During the EOI stage, local authorities are encouraged to identify potential sites that could be developed as a Hub. In general, we expect potential sites will already be identified in your LFFP.

However, the Hubs programme offers the potential to consolidate and combine individual 3G projects identified in LFPPs into a strategic site(s) that may not have previously been considered. 

Check out the key considerations you need to take into account when choosing the right site using the button below.


Choosing the right site

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