Matchday Support Fund

Funded by the Premier League, the Matchday Support Fund offers a range of grants for eligible National League System (Step 1 to 6), FA Women’s Pyramid (Tier 1 to 5) and Welsh Premier League clubs to prepare for the safe return of football and supporters to their stadia.

Am I eligible?



Every applicant must be a club with a minimum of 12 months’ security of tenure over their stadium for the 2020/21 season by freehold, leasehold or licence, and have the responsibility for operating it on matchdays. Alternatively, you must have a groundshare agreement for the entirety of the 2020/21 season. 

Who is eligible?

  • National League System Clubs (Steps 1-6)
  • Welsh Premier League Clubs
  • FA Women's Pyramid Clubs (Tier 1-5)

Who is not eligible?

  • Clubs playing at Step 7/ Regional Feeder Leagues and below 
  • Clubs without a suitable security of tenure
  • County FAs
  • Facility operators

About the fund


Matchday Support Fund grants will allow clubs to make the changes necessary to satisfy the latest FA and Government guidance, ensuring their stadia are safer for the return of football and supporters.

Below you'll discover how much you can apply for, what the grant can be spent on and learn more about the relevant FA and Government guidance for your club.

How much can I apply for?

National League System Clubs


Level Maximum grant amount*
Step 1 £20,000
Step 2 £15,000
Step 3 £10,000
Step 4 £7,000
Step 5 £4,000
Step 6 £2,000



Welsh Premier League Clubs


Level Maximum grant amount*
Welsh Premier League £20,000



FA Women's Pyramid Clubs


Level Maximum grant amount*
Tier 1 (Super League) £20,000
Tier 2 (Championship) £15,000
Tier 3 (National League Premier) £10,000
Tier 4 (National League D1) £7,000
Tier 5 (Regional Premier Division) £2,000


* 50% reduced amount for clubs that are tenants in a groundshare

What can the grant be spent on?

The fund will help eligible clubs cover the costs of implementing their COVID-19 risk assessment and action plan. It should be spent in one or more of the following areas: 

  • keeping facilities and equipment clean
  • maintaining social distancing and avoiding congestion
  • promoting good hygiene

Listed below are more detailed examples of what items may and may not be purchased or installed using Matchday Support Funding.

What can the grant be spent on?

  • additional stewarding
  • building repairs and modifications
  • cleaning and sanitisation
  • contactless payment systems
  • fencing or one-way systems
  • hire of temporary facilities, such as toilets
  • PPE equipment for staff or volunteers
  • professional inspections
  • safety screening
  • signage and floor markings
  • social distancing measures
  • supporter engagement activities
  • ticketing systems
  • track and trace
  • travel to and from away games
  • any other requirement arising from current or updated Government, FA or FAW guidance that is published

What should the grant not be spent on?

  • commission or consultancy fees
  • decorating
  • general stadium works (not related to COVID-19)
  • partnership funding for other FSIF application
  • pitch maintenance works
  • players wages
  • purchase of goalposts or nets
  • purchase of fuel
  • purchase of kit or equipment
  • purchase of grounds maintenance machinery
  • staff wages


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How do I apply?