Football Winter Survival Package

A Government-funded scheme to help National League System clubs (Step 3-6) severely impacted by COVID-19 restrictions to protect their immediate future.

Are we eligible?


Who is eligible?

National League System clubs that:

  • Currently play at Step 3 to 6
  • Hold less than six months of cash and unrestricted operating reserves

Who is not eligible?

  • National League System Clubs (Step 1 - 2)* 
  • Women's Pyramid Clubs 
  • Grassroots Football Clubs
  • Clubs that hold over six months of unrestricted operating reserves

*Further information will be provided by Sport England. See FAQs for more details.

Unrestricted operating reserves is cash that isn't tied to a particular use. It can be freely used for any purpose and is not tied to a grant, loan or any club savings for a specific prupose e.g. a new stand

About the fund


Part of the Government's Sport Winter Survival Package, the Football Winter Survival Package is a fund that aims to support clubs at Step 3 to 6 of the National League System that have been severely impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. 

The funding offered will respond to each club's financial need to survive the coming months, but won’t replace all lost revenue or profits over the last 12 months. The objective is to ensure football clubs survive the winter period and minimise the long-term damage to participation.

The investment has been provided by the Government, with the support of Sport England, and will be delivered through the Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF).

Below you'll discover further details about the funding that your club may be able to apply for, what it can be spent on and the application process. 

How much can we apply for?

Use the figures below as a guide to the maximum amount your club will be able to apply for. 

Remember, you'll need to hold less than six months of unrestricted operating reserves to be eligible for the fund.

National League System Step Maximum Grant
Step 3 Up to £27,000
Step 4 Up to £15,000
Step 5 Up to £10,500
Step 6 Up to £7,500




What can the grant be used for?

The fund is focused on supporting club survival over the coming months. This means that you can use the grant for the majority of your essential business operational costs. The amount of funding applied for will be specific to your club's unique circumstances and will be based on financial need – the fund won’t cover all costs for lost revenues.

All grant applications will be means-tested as part of the assessment by the FSIF. In the application, you’ll have to show the club’s income and expenditure forecast for January to March 2021. If you also feel you can evidence that the club is in financial distress and at risk of closure, you'll need to do this for the period of October to December 2020 too. 

Some common examples of eligible and ineligible costs can be found below. Please note that these lists aren't exhaustive.

What the grant can be used for

  • Lease or mortgage payments
  • Debt or loan repayments
  • Utility costs (including phone and broadband)
  • Insurance
  • Essential pitch and stadium maintenance 
  • Non-playing staff who haven't been furloughed
  • COVID-19 compliance measures
  • Other financial commitments that have already been made (e.g. catering)

What the grant can't be used for

  • Any non-essential capital works to the pitch or stadium 
  • Costs that are eligible to be covered by other Government COVID-19 support schemes 
  • Non-essential operational costs 
  • Accelerated repayment of non-connected party lending 
  • Repayment of connected party lending 
  • Purchase of land and buildings 
  • Transfer fees incurred during this period 
  • Costs incurred outside of the ordinary course of business 
  • Sinking fund contributions
  • Expenditure incurred outside the eligible period
  • Loss of stock
  • Players wages (see FAQs)

When do we have to use it by?

Once your club has accepted the grant offer and submitted a claim, you'll receive your grant as one single payment. You'll need to use the funding by 31 March 2021 and submit evidence to us of what you've spent the funds on by 30 May 2021

To complete the application you'll need a copy of your most recent bank statement and your club's most recent accounts. You'll also need to produce an income & expenditure forecast for the next three months.

How do I apply?