FA Futsal

Delivered by the Football Foundation and funded by The FA, The FA Futsal Fund is a scheme designed to aid the development of Futsal in England.

In 2019 The FA and Football Foundation launched The FA Futsal Fund, investing £300,000 into the development of Futsal in England.



The scheme offered grants of either £1,500 or £3,000 to develop new youth futsal leagues across the country to increase the opportunity for players to play futsal on a regular basis in a structured games programme.

The fa launch the futsal fund

Who is eligible?

  • County Football Associations who are running or plan to run leagues
  • Youth football or futsal leagues
  • Adult leagues setting up youth futsal provisions
  • Affiliated Clubs wishing to develop youth futsal leagues
  • PL & EFL Community Trusts
  • FA University Community Football Hubs

Who isn't eligible?

  • Individuals
  • Profit making organisations
  • Football or Futsal Clubs wishing to create new teams
  • Educational establishments
  • Local authorities
  • Small sided providers
  • Groups wishing to apply for charitable status
  • Walking Football Clubs
  • Organisations seeking retrospective funding for costs that have already been made or are due before an offer of a grant has been awarded

The Foundation does not just give money and walk away – the Foundation ensures that the facilities are financially sustainable and are used to their full potential for years after they have been built.

Chris Powell

About the grant


Applicants received funding to create either one or two new youth futsal leagues and grants of £1,500 per league.

The grant will be split across two years and can be spent on the following items:

  • Facility hire
  • Equipment
  • Referees/co-ordinator fees
  • Marketing & promotion
  • Affiliation & insurance fees
  • FA safeguarding & welfare courses for on-site league co-ordinators
  • FA DBS for on-site league co-ordinators
  • FA First Aid courses for on-site league co-ordinators

As well as receiving a grant of either £1500 or £3000, all successful applicants received a small starter pack of 4 futsal balls, a ball carrier, and a scorecard.

What constitutes a league?

  • Games may be run on a monthly, weekly or bi-weekly basis but must deliver over a minimum of 7 rounds during a playing season.
  • Leagues must be held in appropriate venues using futsal specific equipment
  • Leagues must contain a minimum of 8 teams
  • Leagues must be affiliated to your County FA and be administered using FA Full Time
  • All referees must be qualified, and FA affiliated.
  • Leagues must have a named welfare officer

Claiming process


The Football Foundation will notify organisations with a FA Futsal Fund grant when the claiming process will start for their Year 2 of their funding. If you have any enquiries email futsal@footballfoundation.org.uk.