Energy Fund

This Fund is targeted at energy-saving measures for clubhouses and pavilions.

All eligible football clubs, charities and community organisations operating affiliated football on their sites have been invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for this Fund. This EOI process has now closed.



All applicants must have affiliated football operating at their site, along with a changing pavilion/clubhouse for which they have security of tenure (minimum 10-year lease or freehold). 

You can apply if you're:

  • A not-for-profit football club or voluntary group
  • A County FA
  • A Professional Club Community Organisation
  • A registered charity
  • A not-for-profit company
  • A community interest company (CIC) or other social enterprise
  • A company limited by guarantee

You can't apply if you're:

  • An individual or sole trader
  • A national governing body
  • A commercial / for-profit entity
  • A club within the Premier League, Football League, National League System (Step 1 to 6), Women’s Football Pyramid (Tier 1 – 4) or the Welsh Premier League
  • Educational establishments 
  • A Local Authority
  • A club or organisation without affiliated football operating on their site
  • A club or organisation who don't have a clubhouse/changing pavilion on their site
  • A club or organisation without the required security of tenure (minimum 10-year lease or freehold)

Clubs within the National League System (Step 1 to 6) or Women’s Football Pyramid (Tier 1 – 4) are ineligible for this Fund and should monitor the Premier League Stadium Fund website for any funding updates.

About the Fund


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