Developing a programme-ready consortium

A consortium is a group of partners working together to develop and drive the application for a PlayZone portfolio in your area. The consortium identifies local priorities and engages with partners and community groups before submitting an investment-ready portfolio.

Each consortium should appoint a Lead Organisation, based on local geography, politics and delegation of responsibility.

Typical consortium organisations

Examples of organisations within a consortium include:

Local authority

  • Sports and physical activity
  • Health and wellbeing 
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Places and communities

Football Partners

  • Professional club community organisations
  • County FA

Active Partnerships

Prominent community groups

Local charities

Other sport partners

Housing associations

Other sports, physical activity and wellbeing services

Consortium responsibilities

Responsibilities of a consortium include:

  • Consolidating, reviewing, and discussing existing insight for the local area
  • Identifying priority audiences and places
  • Appointing a project manager to coordinate the project
  • Ensuring community engagement is ongoing and remains central to the approach
  • Managing relationships between local stakeholders
  • Identifying multi-sport opportunities across local communities
  • Seeking external expertise when required (e.g. technical, planning, design)
  • Securing local partnership funding 
PL kicks programme
PL kicks programme

PlayZones will host recreational football such as Premier League Kicks, FA Weetabix Wildcats and walking football

Readiness factors

The following readiness factors will determine which phase of the programme best suits your local area and will identify the support you need in your application:


  • Commitment – Stakeholders are dedicated to tackling inequalities within targeted communities, with community engagement central to the programme.


  • Capacity – Consortia are required to commit the appropriate time and resources to managing the project.


  • Consortium - The best strategic and local partners have been identified to represent the community and become integral to the development and delivery of the project. Key land-owning organisations should also be represented on the consortium.


  • Clear local priorities – Consortium members have identified and agreed on local priority target groups and communities, to be evidenced with an approved strategy for sport, physical activity, health and/or facilities in the area or through their LFFP, with a clear vision of how this programme complements other investments in priority areas.


  • Partnership funding - Consortia commit to securing a capital partnership funding contribution towards the portfolio.


  • Activation/Workforce – Local groups like professional club community organisations are ready to activate the spaces, along with a commitment to developing a volunteer workforce locally to support long term sustainability


  • Timing – Efforts will be made to ensure the portfolio of PlayZones will be ready for submission to the Foundation within 12 months of submitting the Expression of Interest (EOI).

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