Application development process and timelines

The Football Foundation team is on hand to offer support at each stage of the PlayZone programme application process and detailed expectations for each stage will be provided throughout.

Kids playing football at a small-sided facility
Kids playing football at a small-sided facility

PlayZones will be used for recreational football as well as other sports and activities

Key project development stages

Key stages

Each stage will be reviewed and signed off by the Foundation team and final funding decisions will be made by the Foundation Grants Panel at the end of Stage 4.

Programme timelines


Applications for PlayZones are initially open to Local Authority areas that were shortlisted for our Active Through Football programme.

Following Stage 1, areas will be selected based upon their readiness to progress through the Phase One timeline. Click here to view our 'Developing a programme-ready consortium' page.

Applying from London? Applicants in the capital are subject to Phase Two of the programme. All remaining areas will be supported by Foundation officers to prepare their readiness factors to enter the programme in Phase Three. 

Future phases will be decided upon once demand from the first three phases is understood.

programme timeline
programme timeline

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