Stage 4

Developing Plans

Building the findings into your plans

This section offers guidance on how to use the findings of your community engagement to develop your plans with the local community and to ensure they meet their needs.

Acknowledging the vital role community engagement has played in the evolution of your plans will improve your application and develop a more successful project within the community. It demonstrates that you have worked closely with those who live near your facilities, listened to their feedback, and adapted your plans to ensure the facility is accessible, inclusive and welcoming.

Identifying key themes

Your community engagement will identify various community needs and key deliverable themes which can be used to develop your plans, meeting your community needs.

Involving groups

The relationships you build with community groups and other individuals through community engagement is essential in helping you develop your plans to ensure greater inclusion and access through continual engagement. This will ensure the offer is right for all community groups involved in your project.

Co-design plays a vital role in developing your plans to ensure they meet the needs of your target audience. Continual dialogue and conversations with community groups about your plans is essential.

Considerations include accessibility needs (especially for those with disabilities), adapting proposed timetables so different groups can use the facilities at suitable times and marketing your facility so it’s inclusive for everyone.

Committing to and delivering these plans is vital for your target audiences to demonstrate that you’re fully dedicated to ensuring your facility is inclusive and accessible.

This supports community ownership of the facilities you’re developing. Involving the local community in the development of facilities ensures they consider the facilities ‘for them’ – enhancing the prospect of successful outcomes for the community.