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3G Artificial Grass Pitches


3G pitch projects can benefit local communities in a major way and should be developed in partnership with the community to ensure they meet their needs. 

These facilities are part of their community, for all to access. Community engagement informs the activities that take place at the site ensuring equal access and usage for priority audiences at suitable times and at a cost that works for them, whilst ensuring financial sustainability for the operator.

3G pitches are flexible, durable and can operate all year round with significant usage capacity to accommodate a variety of football usage from informal recreational activity, to training and match play.

Other local sports clubs may wish to access the facility for training, match play or recreational use e.g. rugby union, rugby league, lacrosse, or American football. There may be other local groups or charities interested in using the facility for specific sports or activities or for multi-sport games, where they can vary the activity weekly to keep their audience interested. 

To guarantee maximum versatility, consider how usage is programmed to ensure activities can take place safely and at times that work for the community.