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Facility Type

Changing Pavilions


Changing pavilions aren’t just for match days, they are vital spaces for local communities to use day and night, all year round.

Club room / social space – these spaces can be used by the local community for various activities from karate to yoga, badminton to Zumba. Engaging with local communities identifies opportunities and need for space. Exploring which activities the users want to take part in will inform the design, including storage required and other considerations.

Changing rooms / welfare facilities – providing clean, safe, accessible spaces is a priority. Listening to the local community about their requirements and making small design changes can make a big difference. For example, is it fully accessible for all disabilities? Can the facilities be used by women and girls from faith-based groups? What specific requirements are needed for other sports users e.g. cricket or rugby?
Considering design tweaks to make it accessible for different groups will increase usage and bring in additional income.

Other activities

Don’t just focus on football…. what other activities could the facility be used for? 

A typical day in an indoor space could include an early morning gym or exercise class, or parent and baby classes after the school run, followed by a chair-based exercise class for older people. 

A local special educational needs school could take part in a lunchtime football activity, followed by a book club meet. Then the space can be converted into a multi-sport hub for a youth group after-school club.

Early evening could see a Wildcats girls’ football training session followed by table tennis for older teens.

Ask the groups in your community how they would like to use the space – there is no wrong answer!