Facility Type



Community engagement is at the heart of the PlayZones approach and projects must be developed in partnership with the community, to ensure the location, design and activation meet their needs.

Location. Don’t assume you know where your community wants to access these types of facilities. There may be barriers to using a particular site that you’re unaware of. 

Design. We’ve developed a series of design principles which set out how football can be combined with other sports and activities. Community engagement should inform the range of sports and activities that take place, so we can work with you to select the design that best meets their needs.

Activation. Activation of the space is key. Consider the type of activities your community wants, who is best placed to deliver them and ensure they take place in a suitable timeframe and at a cost that works. Don’t make assumptions. 

Other activities?

PlayZone developments are designed to support multi-sport and other activities that will enable more people to use the facilities in more diverse ways. 

For example, line markings for popular sports are required as well as additional built-in equipment such as cricket stumps within fencing, or basketball hoops at both ends of the pitch.

Community engagement should drive the additional activities so that everything is on the table. Discuss what people really want to see, so the design can be tailored to suit those needs.