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Return to Disability Football Fund Publicity

Congratulations on receiving your Return to Disability Football funding. Now is the time to publicise the great news in the local media and on your social media channels.

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Press release

We’ve put together an announcement press release template that you can download, populate and send to your local media. Don’t worry, we’ve also provided some tips on how to compile a media list, photography to use to help highlight the impact of your funding and some recommended wording for a covering email below.

Downloadable Social media graphics

The publicity of your Return to Disability Football funding shouldn’t stop at just your local media. We want you to celebrate the good news about your grant award by shouting about it on social media too. We’ve created some graphics for you to use in your social media posts which can be downloaded below. You don’t have to be a whizz at social media to take advantage of these graphics – we’ve clearly explained how to use them in the guidance below.



Download graphics to use on Twitter or Facebook:

Download graphic to use on Instagram:

You should now have downloaded the press release and social media templates from the above links. Now it’s time to use our handy guidance document to put them to good use and ensure you're gaining the maximum exposure for your new facility.

Press release

As you will see on the template, you just need to edit the parts in yellow to ensure that it is relevant to your organisation and funding received.

Once this is done you will need to email to your local County FA so they can add a quote before sending it on to local media. To compile a media list, you need to do a simple google search “local newspaper contacts in *insert county/city*

This will return the Contact Us web pages of numerous outlets. For example, you can see the results when searching “local media contacts in Hampshire” here. 

Collate the Newsdesk and Editor contact details for outlets in your area and then email the press release to these contacts.

Below is some recommended wording to use in your covering email when sending the press release out to local media contacts. 


I am sure you will be interested to know about the Football Foundation funding *insert club/organisation* has received to *insert project details*.

Attached is a press release with more information about this and some high res photos of our current facilities.

Please feel free to get in touch with *insert name, position at club/organisation and telephone number/email* if you would like to know anything else about the project.

Please could you also send through any links to stories published online if you do cover this story.

Kind regards

Social media graphics

We want you to celebrate the good news about your grant award on social media and we’ve created some handy graphics to get you started. 

All you have to do is download the graphic appropriate to the social media channel you’re sharing it on from the social graphics section above, attach it to the post and add some supporting copy. If you've uploaded the press release to your club website, please add the link to the post, or, use something like twitter cards to link to it through the graphic (click here for guidance on this)

We’ve given you some options below but please put your own spin on it.  




Thanks to funding provided by The FA and Sport England, using National Lottery funding, we've been awarded a Return to Disability Football Fund grant. This will help us to *insert project details*




Return to Disability Football Fund grant awarded!

Huge thanks to the @FA and @Sport_England for providing the funding to help us *delete as appropriate* restart/deliver new disability football activity.


Thanks to the @FA and @Sport_England, we've been awarded a Return to Disability Football Fund grant!

Delivered by the @FootballFoundtn, this funding will enable us to restart and deliver disability football activity that has been cancelled due to the impact of Covid-19. 


Get in!

We've secured a grant to restart and deliver disability football activity thanks to the Return to Disability Football Fund. Funded by the @FA and @Sport_England, using National Lottery funding, this grant will help our disability football *delete as appropriate* team/teams get back playing safely.




We've been awarded a Return to Disability Football Fund grant thanks to funding provided by the FA and Sport England, using National Lottery funding.

Delivered by the @footballfoundation, this vital grant will help us *insert project details*.