Women’s Pyramid

Find out how FSIF funding can help clubs playing in the Women’s Pyramid.

The FSIF provides money for clubs in the Women's Pyramid who want to improve their facilities for players, officials and spectators.

Women’s Pyramid

The eligibility of projects and grant limits available are dependent on the tier of the Women's Pyramid your club plays at. If you do not know which tier your club fits into, contact us.

Grants and eligibility

Grant limits

Grant limits for Women's Pyramid clubs (applies to any five year period)

Clubs in the Women's Pyramid Maximum cumulative grant value*  Maximum percentage grant
Tier 1 – Grade A (BFAWSL)
Tier 2 – Grade B (FA Women's Championship)
£150,000 70%
Tier 3 – Grade C (FA Women’s National League - Premier)
Tier 4 - Grade D (FA Women's National League Division 1)
£100,000 70%
Tier 5 – Grade E (Women's Regional League Premier) £20,000 (but up to £50,000 for applications including works to changing rooms) 70%


National Ground Grading Criteria

Where women’s clubs share a ground with men's clubs then the maximum grant allowance/percentage will relate to the highest Ground Grading criteria required for that ground. However, women’s clubs are also eligible for grants of up to £20,000, in any five year period for work relating to women's football, such as changing the shower layout and providing women’s toilets etc.

Whilst we will not automatically provide funding for work you need to undertake to meet the requirements of The FA National Ground Grading Criteria, the table below indicates the types of project that are eligible under FSIF policy. Details of The FA National Ground Grading Criteria can be found below.

Ground grading

Safety at Sports Guide

We have included safety categories based on the ‘Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds’. Where appropriate, the guide provides detailed guidance to help you assess the safe capacity of a sports ground. The guide can be found below.

Safety and Sports Guide

FSIF eligibility criteria

You are eligible to apply for grant aid to meet the membership conditions of your current league. If you are promoted, you are eligible to apply for grant aid to meet the membership conditions of the new league, but only after your promotion has been confirmed by the league.

We base grants on the league you were in at the time you submitted your application, and our Board retains full discretion regarding what they consider appropriate.


Project Tiers 1 & 2 Tiers 3 & 4 Tier 5
New covered seating Yes Yes Yes
New open seating No No No
New open or covered safe terracing Yes Yes Yes
Upgrading open safe terracing Yes Yes Yes
Convert terrace to open seating No No No
Convert terrace to covered seating Yes Yes Yes
Convert terrace to covered seating Yes Yes Yes
First aid rooms Yes Yes Yes
Secure boundary fencing and gates Yes Yes Yes
Pitch perimeter rails, barriers + infil1 Yes Yes Yes
Players and officials safe walkway Yes Yes Yes
Pitch perimeter hardstanding Yes Yes Yes
PA systems (initial provision only) Yes Yes Yes
CCTV (initial provision only) No No No
Computerised turnstiles No No No
Control rooms No No No
Mains service connections Yes Yes Yes
Crush barrier installations Yes Yes Yes
New floodlights and upgrades2 Yes Yes No
Emergency lighting (initial provision only) Yes Yes Yes
Spectator toilets Yes Yes Yes
Press seating Yes Yes Yes
Turnstile and pay kiosks Yes Yes Yes
Changing rooms Yes Yes Yes3
Pitch drainage Yes Yes Yes
Pitch irrigation4 Yes Yes Yes5
Car and coach parking9 Yes Yes Yes
Access roads9 Yes Yes Yes
Stewards radios (initial provision) No No No
Hospitality areas (incl. tea bars)6 Yes Yes Yes
Artificial pitches No No No
Viewing for disabled spectators Yes Yes Yes
All facilities for disabled spectators Yes Yes Yes
Dug-outs/technical areas Yes Yes Yes
Pitch maintenance equipment7 Yes Yes Yes
Ball stop netting8 Yes Yes Yes


  • 1Perimeter barrier infill panels will only be considered eligible for Clubs at Step 4 or above
  • If you need to provide floodlights to meet the membership conditions of your league, you are eligible to apply for a grant towards installing the floodlights or towards improving the floodlights if this is necessary because your club has been promoted. Replacement of bulbs and other maintenance operations are not eligible for support. The FSIF will only consider applications for the replacement of existing floodlight systems with a new LED system once the existing has reached the end of its ‘usable-life’. The FSIF considers the end of ‘usable life’ to be when a system is deemed to have failed via independent testing and replacement parts can no longer be economically sourced. Applications to the FSIF for replacement floodlights must provide a condition report from a suitably qualified independent lighting consultant confirming system failure. Mobile floodlights are not eligible.
  • 3Ceiling grant for changing rooms is £50,000
  • 4Up to £20,000
  • 5Maximum 50%
  • 6Permanent buildings only with planning permission. Players' and directors' exclusive bars are not eligible.
  • 7Eligible provided there is safe storage provision on site, insurance for theft, user instruction (including health and safety) and demonstrating sufficient, reliable voluntary labour to undertake the work.
  • 8Eligible subject to appropriate justification (e.g. close proximity to a busy road, railway line or causing a nuisance to neighbours).
  • 9Car and coach parking/access roads will only be considered eligible if the works are required to improve access to the ground for disabled spectators, and/or to satisfy statutory requirements imposed by the local planning authority/Highways Authority, and/or to resolve a specific issue relating to health and safety.

Ineligible work

  • Director's areas
  • Land/site purchase
  • Routine maintenance i.e. decorations, repairs, annual operations such as boiler servicing, pitch decompaction etc.
  • Artificial pitches
  • Goalposts
  • Television gantries

Pre-application advice

Financial information

All clubs are required to submit accounts for the previous three years and a copy of the club’s most recent bank statement.

A five year income and expenditure forecast should be provided with the application, if:

  • the application is for works to develop the club's hospitality facilities or for clubhouse improvement work which would either:
    • provide substantial changes to the operational practise when generating additional revenue
    • the development could have a material effect on liabilities such as utilities, business rates, staff costs, maintenance etc.
  • the application is to support the club moving to a new site
  • the grant request is over £100,000
  • some or all partnership funding is in the form of a loan, whereby the club will be required to demonstrate its ability to meet the repayment terms.

  Please note the above is only applicable for funding requests over £20,000.

Security of tenure

To be eligible for funding, your club must be a member of the Women's Pyramid and either own the freehold of the site you want to develop or have a lease with at least 10 years left before it runs out.

Supporting documents

At the point of application all applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  • Governing documents
  • Past three years accounts
  • Copy of the club’s most recent bank statement
  • Evidence of partnership funding

Ready to apply?

Following pre-application advice, if your club is eligible to apply for grant aid you can now submit an application.

The FSIF Officers are on hand to support clubs through the application process and will offer step by step advice on planning the project and ensuring the club provides the requisite information required for the specific type of project you are applying for.

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