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The Foundation offers a ‘through-life’ approach to all projects it has funded, which means that we continue to help and support a project long after our grant has been awarded. We believe that this offer of continued support sets us out from other grant funders and helps ensure that a project achieves the best possible outcomes.  The key way that the Foundation offers support to a project is through a system of Support Day meetings and Support Day Health Check phone calls. 

Every organisation that has been awarded a facilities grant of over £20,000 is required to attend an annual Support Day meeting once the funded site is open and in-use. The Support Day involves meeting face-to-face with the County FA and a Foundation representative to provide an update on the project and review the Football Development Plan. Applicants also have the opportunity to talk through the success and achievements of the project as well as to discuss any future developments or further support required. Alternatively, if a project is known to be progressing well and has been successful in delivering against their development targets, they will received a light-touch Support Day Health Check phone call to ensure we have a record of their progress.

Any issues can then be identified and actions are agreed by all parties to help rectify these. This process not only ensures that underperforming facilities are given the necessary support to get them back on-track, but also pinpoints how successful projects can perform even better.

Key findings


support days held


have self-certified as being 'long term sustainable'




increase in projects scoring highly over the last 5 years


of grantees happy with the Support Day process


of sites that had Support Day Health Check Phone Calls are exceeding their targets

Key graphs


  • During 2015, 176 Support Day meetings were held with grantees by County FA and Foundation representatives.
  • At the end of each Support Day meeting, projects are scored using a scale of 0 – 5, based on how successful the project is in meeting its expected outcomes. 67% of projects scored highly (3 or above) and a further 25% received a score of 2, which means that 92% of projects are meeting expectations.
  • In 2013, the Foundation introduced a new method of support known as a Support Day Health Check, whereby a Foundation representative holds a meeting with grantees over the phone.
  • 177 Support Day Health Check phone calls took place in 2015, across a range of clubs, schools and Local authority projects, of which 76% of projects scored highly (3 or above) and a further 21% received a score of 2, which means that 97% of projects are meeting expectations.


  • By combining the Support Day and Support Day Health Check scores, it enables us to have a clear overview on the progress of Facilities Scheme projects for 2015.
  • Included within this are projects which scored 3 or above in 2014, which although not seen via the Support Day process in 2015 - as they skip a year due to their high score – are still deemed to be delivering against their objectives.
  • By looking back across just the last five years, we can see that the proportion of projects that have scored highly has increased by 9%.
  • This has been achieved, even though the portfolio of projects funded via the Facilities Scheme has been increasing each year which demonstrates that the continued support the Foundation and County FAs provide to projects has positive results.


  • In keeping with how the Foundation has embedded the sustainability matrix as a consistent measure across all of its processes, a project’s sustainability is also assessed during the Support Day meeting.
  • A scale of 1 (poor) to 4 (very good) is given for each of the eight areas assessed within the matrix.
  • On average, most sections show evidence of sustainability being in place, with both Community and Management in particular scoring well.
  • For any areas which may need further improvement, actions agreed at the Support Day meeting should help improve these.


  • As part of the Foundation continuous improvement ethos an annual review of the Support Day process takes place in each to find out what worked well and highlight any improvements that may need to be made.
  • To help inform this review, all grantees who had attended a Support Day or Support Day light were asked to complete a survey.
  • Overall the feedback was positive, with 92% of respondents agreeing that they received useful advice and 93% agreeing that the Support Day process was beneficial.