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2. Project idea

2. Project idea

Expression of Interest

Before you are given access to the full application forms, you must first discuss your project with your County Football Association and your FA Regional Facilities and Investment Manager, and fill in an FA Facilities Enquiry Form (FEF) if required.


The FA will then advise if you should get in touch with us and complete a short Project idea form to register interest – please note this is only available through Grantshot, the Football Foundation’s online application portal. If you do not already have a Grantshot account, please use the following link to create one.


Once you have completed the Project idea form, a copy will be passed onto The FA and your appropriate County FA contact, who will be in touch to give you further advice on applying for money from us.

Please note, the Project idea form is not an application form; if you fill it in it lets us help you with the process of applying for money from us for a facilities project.

Football development

Your project should focus on what you hope to achieve as a result of developing your facilities; not just developing the facility itself.

If you eventually submit an application for a facilities grant your project must be based on a football development plan that includes aims, objectives and specific targets for your project.

If you have any further questions, please contact your County FA Development Manager.

Contacts for your project

Find the contacts for your county who will help you with your project:

  • Select the County FA your organisation is based in (Note that Birmingham FA includes Warwickshire and Gloucestershire FA includes Bristol.)
  • Press the Search button.


This will produce a list of the Technical Project Manager, Grant Manager, County FA Development Manager and FA Regional Facilities & Investment Manager for your project. Please see below for details on who you should contact and for what purpose. Click on the displayed link to visit the county contacts page which displays email addresses and telephone numbers for all contacts.

Who to contact

Football Foundation Grant Manager

If you would like to discuss anything relating to your project with the Foundation, please contact the appropriate Grant Manager.

Football Foundation Technical Project Manager

If the matter relates to design, planning permission, construction, or something similar please contact the appropriate Technical Project Manager. The Foundation has also published technical information sheets that offer step by step advice and detail minimum specifications on various aspects of facilities projects. It is essential that grant applications to the Foundation comply with these information sheets.

County FA Development Manager

Please contact your County FA Development Manager to discuss your project. These Managers are based in the County FA offices around England and work with The FA Football Development Team.

FA Regional Facilities & Investment Manager

FA Regional Facilities & Investment Managers work across eight regions. They work in partnership with County FAs to strategically identify priority projects and offer pre-application support to deliver these projects into Football Foundation for consideration.

General facilities enquiries

For general enquiries, please contact us.

Technical guidance

We have published five technical guidance sheets that offer you step by step advice on planning your project and give detail minimum specifications on various aspects of facilities. It is essential that your project complies with these guidance sheets.

For further assistance on the technical aspects of your application, please contact the appropriate FA Regional Facilities & Investment Manager or the relevant Technical Project Manager.

Further resources

  • Selecting the Right Artificial Surface [pdf / 1.40MB] This guidance and policy statement for selecting the appropriate artificial sport surface has been jointly developed by the national governing bodies of Hockey, Football, Rugby Union and Rugby League in conjunction with the Football Foundation and Sport England.

Project support library

We have published a variety of resources to offer applicants help and advice on developing a facilities project. The following project support library offers essential guidance on the key elements of your project including football development and business planning. You will be asked to provide various bits of information about your organisation and project during the application process using our online forms, however it is essential that your project incorporates the methodology of the following pieces of guidance.

Other useful links

For further assistance on the football development aspects of your application, please contact the appropriate FA County Development Manager or the relevant Football Foundation Grant Manager. 

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