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3. Application

3. Application


Headline application form

Once your Project idea is approved by your County FA Development Manager you will be asked via Grantshot to complete an additional Headline application form giving further details about your organisation and project.

You will notice as you progress through the form that many fields are pre-filled with the information you supplied us with at the Project idea stage. We ask that you review this information and confirm that it is still accurate.

Some of the information provided at the Project idea stage will need further detail adding at this point, and this information is clearly marked on the form.

Full application stage

Once you have submitted the additional information required, you will receive notification via email and on Grantshot as to whether your project has been approved to be worked to full application. You will also be given a deadline for providing all the remaining supporting information for your project to get the final go-ahead.

Further guidance will be available at each stage of the process on Grantshot.

Full application deadlines

The following application deadlines have been set to ensure that projects meet the relevant Assessment Panel and Board dates:

  • Friday 28 April 2017
  • Friday 28 July 2017
  • Friday 20 October 2017

Technical guidance

We have published five technical guidance sheets that offer you step by step advice on planning your project and give detail minimum specifications on various aspects of facilities. It is essential that your project complies with these guidance sheets.

For further assistance on the technical aspects of your application, please contact the appropriate FA Regional Facilities & Investment Manager or the relevant Technical Project Manager.

Further resources

  • Selecting the Right Artificial Surface [pdf / 1.40MB] This guidance and policy statement for selecting the appropriate artificial sport surface has been jointly developed by the national governing bodies of Hockey, Football, Rugby Union and Rugby League in conjunction with the Football Foundation and Sport England.

Project support library

We have published a variety of resources to offer applicants help and advice on developing a facilities project. The following project support library offers essential guidance on the key elements of your project including football development and business planning. You will be asked to provide various bits of information about your organisation and project during the application process using our online forms, however it is essential that your project incorporates the methodology of the following pieces of guidance.

Other useful links

For further assistance on the football development aspects of your application, please contact the appropriate FA County Development Manager or the relevant Football Foundation Grant Manager. 

Help with your application

If you require any help completing the application form please contact us.